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    What is Online Study Degree Course in one year?


    How can you complete your one-year online degree in fast-track mode?


    What is Online Under Graduate & Post Graduate Degree in 1 year?


    How can I complete my degree online in one year?


    Apply for online BA, BCom, BBA, BCA, BSc IT, BSc CS, MA, MCom, MBA, MCA, MSc IT & MSc CS degree programs from top UGC-DEB approved online universities.

    Study Online Degree Course In One Year 

    After completing their 10+2, the majority of students in India are unable to complete their degree courses, such as B.A, B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.SC and so on (HSC) with Online Degree Courses in 1 year.


    In recent years, online study degree courses have become a new way of teaching and learning for students. They are gaining popularity among students, which is perceived differently by every student. However, every student dreams of pursuing higher education to achieve a bright career in his/her desired field. However, every student has a different perspective regarding regular degree programs and online degree courses. Many students feel that it is beneficial for learning while others feel that it is not as effective as regular classes. Therefore, if we look in with future, study online degree courses in a year will be most reliable. Similarly, you will complete your degree online through this process.

    Online study Degree Courses In One Year with UGC-DEB Affiliated Universities: 

    UGC stands for (University Grants Commission) and DEB (Distance Education Bureau) affiliated universities that deal with online and distance education mode. In fact, there are a number of universities affiliated to UGC-DEB where you can study the best online study degree course at both graduate and postgraduate levels. Even after online admission, students are offered extensive online support from counselors. In fact, students can be admitted directly into the online degree courses that matches their area of interest.

    Procedure to get admission in one year degree Course and its fee structure

    Every distance university has its own terms and conditions.Get Enrolment and pass exam in one sitting. But, these are the primary processes that must be followed.

    Credit Transfer

    The Credit Transfer policy allows individuals who have discontinued their graduation/post-graduation in the middle of the course to easily continue.


    For example, if you have already completed the second year at a UGC-DEB approved university but discontinued the course, you are eligible to take direct admission in the third year. However, you must pass all exams in one sitting and obtain an online degree within one year.

    Lateral Transfer

    Lateral Entry allows individuals who have completed a 10+2 program and a diploma to directly enter a one year graduate course. Additionally, you can sit for final exams online.

    Breaking Study

    Breaking study is designed for students who have discontinued their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and wish to complete their final year exams. However, it is important to note that all exams must be taken in one sitting online. Additionally, there must be a minimum gap of three years after completing the 12th grade

    Online Degree Courses :

    Universities offer the best online study degree course, both for bachelors and masters. Again, courses like Online BA, Online BBA, Online B.COM, Online MCOM, Online MBA, Online BSc IT(Information Technology), Online BSc Computer Science Online MA, Online MCOM, Online MBA, Online MCA, Online MSc IT(Information Technology), MSc Computer Science and so on are offered.

    Flexible Timings :

    Studying an online course offers students flexible time management and a smaller learning budget. This allows them to study the course and subjects they want in the time that suits them. Also, this offers students a great opportunity to gain new skills and deepen their knowledge while staying in their own space. Although, he can study online and can complete his course, staying at his place. So, experience online learning as it is economical and time-saving.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    An online study degree course usually follows a semester pattern, otherwise it depends on the university.  However, the admission criteria for an online degree course requires an overall average of 50% in the 12th grade or a Bachelor’s degree, depending on the program. Therefore, students are advised to do their own research at the time of admission, depending on their choice of course.

    Job Opportunities:

    Looking to the future, schools with online study degree course not only serve the purpose of improving a student on a professional level. But also on a personal level. After completing an online degree program, students can either opt for higher education or find a job in the corporate industry. In fact, you need to develop all the skills so that you can reserve your job in any big or multinational company later. Therefore, individuals can find their job in different sectors whether it is government or private sector.

    Future Scope of Online Certificate Degree Program :

    Similarly, students pursuing online studies can explore the possibilities of their respective academic careers and pursue higher education programs of interest to them such as MBA, PGDM or an degree. Usually, students are interested in getting a job right after the bachelor’s degree to enhance their resume by working in various MNCs. However, online undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are of great help for working professionals.

    Top Online Distance Universities UG Courses 2024

    Course NameYearsEligibility
    B.A (General) 310+2
    B.A (Hindi) 310+2
    B.A (English) 310+2
    B.A (Sanskrit) 310+2
    B.A (Urdu) 310+2
    B.A (Political Science) 310+2
    B.A (History) 310+2
    B.A (Sociology) 310+2
    B.A (Public Administration) 310+2
    B.A (Economics) 310+2
    B.A (Mathematics) 310+2
    B.A (Education) 310+2
    B.A (Social Work) 310+2
    B.Sc (General)310+2
    B.Sc (With Biology)310+2
    B.Sc (Mathematics)310+2
    B.Sc (Statistics)310+2
    B.Sc (Physics)310+2
    B.Sc (Chemistry)310+2
    B.Sc (Botany)310+2
    B.Sc (Zoology)310+2
    B.Sc (Microbiology)310+2
    B.Sc (Bio-Chemistry)310+2
    B.Sc (Applied Chemistry)310+2
    B.A (Hospitality & Tourism)310+2
    B.A (Hospitality & Hotel Administration)310+2
    B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality)310+2
    Bachelor Insurance & Risk Management610+2
    B.Sc Information Technology (IT)310+2
    B.Sc In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)610+2
    B.Sc (Biotechnology)610+2
    B.Sc (Bioinformatics)610+2
    B.Sc in Yoga and Naturopathy410+2 With PCB
    B.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)610+2
    B.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)610+2
    B.A in Fashion Marketing & Promotion610+2
    B.A in Fashion Technology610+2
    B.Sc Interior Design610+2
    B.Sc Graphics & Multimedia610+2
    B.Sc in Fashion Designing610+2
    BBA2nd Year10+2
    BCA2nd Year10+2
    B.SC IT2nd Year10+2
    B.SC CS2nd Year10+2
    B.Sc in Fashion Design2nd Year10+2
    B.Sc in Interior Design2nd Year10+2

    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the eligibility requirement for this course?

    Ans: A student who has discontinued their education and has an academic gap of at least 3 years after their intermediate (12th) can apply for a one-sitting examination.


    Q2. What is UG in one year?

    Ans: One year online UG degree course means that a 3-year course can be completed in one year by taking all exams in one sitting.


    Q3. Is a degree in one year valid in India?

    Ans: Yes, it is completely valid.


    Q4. How can credit transfer be used?

    Ans: If a student has completed their first and second year at a university, they may be eligible for direct admission into the third year through credit transfer.


    Q5. What is break-in studies?

    Ans: A break in studies refers to a gap in education that may occur after completing SSC or HSC.


    Q6. Which documents are necessary to apply for this course?


    10th class marksheet and certificate,
    12th class marksheet and certificate.
    Breaking study proof
    proof of address.
    a passport size photograph.


    Commonly Asked Questions

    Q1. What does ‘breaking study proof’ mean?

    Ans: Breaking study proof refers to the documentation that a student must provide to prove that they have taken a break from their studies for a certain period of time. This documentation may include proof of discontinuation of a course or an experience certificate from the break (gap) years. Additionally, if a student was employed during this time, they may provide proof of their employment.


    Q2. Is there an opportunity for diploma holders to get lateral entry?

    Ans: Students can gain lateral entry into the second year of the degree based on a three-year diploma after high school or a diploma after intermediate.


    Q3. Which certificates will one receive after completion of the course?

    Ans: Graduates will receive a marksheet and degree upon completion of the course.


    Q4. Are the certificates valid in government jobs?

    Ans: Yes, these certificates are valid for government jobs.


    Q5. Are there chances of promotion?

    Ans: Regarding career advancement, completing this course successfully can increase your chances of promotion.