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    Apply for Online MBA Admission in one year


    What is the eligibility criteria for Online MBA Admission?


    How to select a Recognized university for Online MBA Admission?


    What are the Documents required for MBA in one year?


    How can I apply for Online MBA degree from UGC-DEB approved universities?

    Overview: Online MBA Admission

    In today’s rapidly changing business world, going to college remains crucial for advancing your career and gaining knowledge. Thanks to improving technology, you can now study online and earn an MBA degree without having to quit your job or disrupt your current commitments. This guide will help you understand how to enroll in an online MBA program, explore various subjects you can specialize in, and discover the types of jobs available after graduation.

    MBA (Master of Business Administration) Course Details

    Course Name Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Duration 2 Years
    Course Type Postgraduate
    Job Options Management Consultant, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, HR Manager, Business Development Manager, etc.
    Average Salary INR 6 LPA – INR 25 LPA (varies based on specialization, institute, and experience)
    Top Recruiters McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain & Company, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Procter & Gamble, Hindustan Unilever, etc.

    UGC-DEB Approved Universities Offering admissions in Online MBA Degree

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) play crucial roles in ensuring that distance learning programs in India are of high quality and reliable. When considering an online MBA program, it’s important to choose a school that is recognized by UGC-DEB. This ensures that your degree will be respected and recognized by employers when you enter the job market. Here are some reputable universities that offer online MBA degrees.

    Eligibility Criteria for Online MBA Admission

    Admission requirements for Online MBA programs vary by university and program but commonly include:

    • Educational Qualifications: Completion of a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university or institution.
    • Minimum Marks: Typically, universities require a minimum aggregate percentage in the bachelor’s degree, often ranging from 50% to 60%. Some universities may also consider the applicant’s performance in competitive exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, or GRE.
    • Work Experience: Many MBA programs prefer candidates with relevant work experience, which can vary from 1 to 5 years depending on the program and university.
    • Subject Requirements: Some programs may specify prerequisites in subjects related to business, economics, or mathematics at the undergraduate level.

    Procedure for Online MBA Admission in one year

    MBA degree in one year from UGC-DEB approved universities let you pursue higher education without leaving home. 

    Credit Transfer

    The Credit Transfer policy allows individuals who have discontinued their graduation/post-graduation in the middle of the course to easily continue.

    For example, if you have already completed the second year at a UGC-DEB approved university but discontinued the course, you are eligible to take direct admission in the third year. However, you must pass all exams in one sitting and obtain an online degree within one year.

    Lateral Entry

    Lateral Entry allows individuals who have completed a 10+2 program and a diploma to directly enter a one year graduate course. Additionally, you can sit for final exams online.

    Breaking Study

    Breaking study is designed for students who have discontinued their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and wish to complete their final year exams. However, it is important to note that all exams must be taken in one sitting online. Additionally, there must be a minimum gap of three years after completing the 12th grade.

    MBA Specializations and Job opportunities

    SpecializationJob Opportunities
    MarketingMarketing Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst
    FinanceFinancial Analyst, Finance Manager, Investment Banker, Treasurer, Risk Manager
    Human Resources (HR)HR Manager, Recruitment Manager, Training and Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager
    OperationsOperations Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Production Manager, Quality Control Manager
    Information Technology (IT)IT Manager, Systems Analyst, IT Consultant, Project Manager (IT), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    International BusinessInternational Marketing Manager, International Finance Manager, Global Supply Chain Manager, Export Manager
    EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneur, Business Owner, Startup Consultant, Venture Capitalist
    StrategyBusiness Consultant, Strategy Manager, Strategic Planner, Corporate Development Manager
    Healthcare ManagementHealthcare Administrator, Hospital Manager, Pharmaceutical Product Manager, Health Informatics Manager
    Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Procurement Manager, Operations Manager

    Future Scope of Online MBA Degree Course:

    The future scope of an online MBA degree is promising and multifaceted, offering numerous opportunities for career growth and professional development. Graduates of online MBA programs can expect to explore diverse employment avenues across sectors such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, IT, and healthcare management. The degree’s global recognition enables graduates to pursue international career opportunities, leveraging their management skills and business knowledge on a global scale.


    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

    Top Online Degree Courses in India 2024

    Course NameYearsEligibility
    B.A (General) 310+2
    B.A (Hindi) 310+2
    B.A (English) 310+2
    B.A (Sanskrit) 310+2
    B.A (Urdu) 310+2
    B.A (Political Science) 310+2
    B.A (History) 310+2
    B.A (Sociology) 310+2
    B.A (Public Administration) 310+2
    B.A (Economics) 310+2
    B.A (Mathematics) 310+2
    B.A (Education) 310+2
    B.A (Social Work) 310+2
    Bachelor of Library information Science (B.L.I.S)1Graduation
    B.Sc (General)310+2
    B.Sc (With Biology)310+2
    B.Sc (Mathematics)310+2
    B.Sc (Statistics)310+2
    B.Sc (Physics)310+2
    B.Sc (Chemistry)310+2
    B.Sc (Botany)310+2
    B.Sc (Zoology)310+2
    B.Sc (Microbiology)310+2
    B.Sc (Bio-Chemistry)310+2
    B.Sc (Applied Chemistry)310+2
    B.A (Hospitality & Tourism)310+2
    B.A (Hospitality & Hotel Administration)310+2
    B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality)310+2
    Bachelor Insurance & Risk Management610+2
    B.Sc Information Technology (IT)310+2
    B.Sc In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)610+2
    B.Sc (Biotechnology)610+2
    B.Sc (Bioinformatics)610+2
    B.Sc in Yoga and Naturopathy410+2 With PCB
    B.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)610+2
    B.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)610+2
    B.A in Fashion Marketing & Promotion610+2
    B.A in Fashion Technology610+2
    B.Sc Interior Design610+2
    B.Sc Graphics & Multimedia610+2
    B.Sc in Fashion Designing610+2
    BBA2nd Year10+2
    BCA2nd Year10+2
    B.SC IT2nd Year10+2
    B.SC CS2nd Year10+2
    B.Sc in Fashion Design2nd Year10+2
    B.Sc in Interior Design2nd Year10+2
    Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)310+2
    Master of Commerce (M.Com)2Graduation
    M.A (Human Rights)2Graduation
    M.A (Hindi)2Graduation
    M.A (Sanskrit)2Graduation
    M.A (English)2Graduation
    M.A (Political Science)2Graduation
    M.A (History)2Graduation
    M.A (Philosophy)2Graduation
    M.A (Sociology)2Graduation
    M.A (Mathematics)2Graduation
    M.A (Economics)2Graduation
    M.A (Education)2Graduation
    M.A (Psychology)2Graduation
    M.A (Geography)2Graduation
    M.A (Physical Education)2Graduation
    M.A (Public Administration)2Graduation
    Master of Social Work (M.S.W)2Graduation
    Master of Library Information Science (M.L.I.S)2B.L.I.S
    Bachelor Insurance & Risk Management610+2
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)ÿ(Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Production, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hospital Management, Supply and Chain Management, Operation Management, Information Technology, Banking, Retail Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Disaster Management, Airport Management, Project Management, Rural/Urban Development Management, Hotel Management4Graduation
    Executive MBA (EMBA)ÿ(Human Resource Management, Finance Management, IT Management, Marketing Management, Insurance and Banking, Production and Operation Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management, Project Management, International Marketing Management)2Graduation + 3 Years work experience
    Masters in Insurance & Risk Management4Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management and tourism1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in International Business1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Food Supply Chain Management1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing1Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising1Graduation
    Diploma in Business Management110+2
    Diploma in International Business110+2
    Diploma in Hospital Management110+2
    Diploma in Retail Management110+2
    Diploma in Food Supply Chain Management110+2
    Diploma in Marketing110+2
    Diploma in Advertising110+2
    Diploma in Insurance & Risk Management210+2
    Certificate in all streams110+2
    M.Sc Computer Science2Graduation
    M.Sc Information Technology (IT)2Graduation
    Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)210+2
    Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)210+2
    Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)210+2
    Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)2Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT)2Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)2Graduation
    Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking210+2 in any stream
    Certificate in Computer Application (CCA)110+2
    Certificate in Computing (CIC)110+2 (Mathematics)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
    M.Sc (Chemistry)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
    M.Sc (Physics)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
    M.Sc (Environment Science)2B.Sc With PCM/PCB
    Diploma In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)210+2
    M.Sc (Biotechnology)4Graduation
    M.Sc (Bioinformatics)4Graduation
    Certificate Course in Advanced Bio-informatics110+2
    Certificate Course in Industrial Biotechnology110+2
    Certificate Course in IPR & Patents Law110+2
    M.A in Yoga and Health Education4Graduation
    M.Sc in Yoga and Health Education4Graduation
    Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga and Health Education2Graduation
    Diploma in Yoga and Health Education210+2
    M.A (Tourism Management)2Graduation
    Diploma in Hotel Management110+2
    Diploma in Hospitality Management110+2
    Diploma in Hotel Administration& Hospitality Management110+2
    Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality1Graduation
    Advance Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality210+2
    Advance Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality in Sem III110+2 AND DHM
    PG Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism1Graduation
    Certificate in Front Office Management6 Months10+2
    Certificate in Tourism Management6 Months10+2
    M.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)2Graduation
    M.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)2Graduation
    Diploma in Web Journalism210+2
    PG Diploma in Media Management/ PR & Marketing Communication/ Print Journal / Broadcast/ Advtg. & Event Planning/ Corp Com/Brand Management2Graduation
    Certificate in Event Management110+2
    M.Sc in Fashion Designing4BSc in fashion designing
    Post Graduate Diploma IN Fashion Designing2BSc in fashion designing
    Post Graduate Diploma Graphics & Multimedia210+2
    Diploma in Art and Craft210+2
    Diploma Fashion Design210+2
    Diploma Fashion Marketing210+2
    Diploma Interior Design210th
    Diploma Graphics & Multimedia210th
    M.Sc IT2nd yearGraduation
    M.Sc CS2nd yearGraduation
    Advance Diploma in Fire Safety2nd year10+2
    MCA5th SemesterBCA

    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q1. How can i apply for Online MBA Admission?

    You can Apply for Online MBA Admission by researching accredited programs, meeting eligibility criteria, preparing required documents, filling out applications, and submitting fees online.


    Q2. What is the Eligibility Criteria for Online MBA Admission?

    The eligibility criteria for Online MBA Admission typically include a bachelor’s degree, minimum GPA, relevant work experience (optional).


    Q3. Can I Transfer Credits from previous Institutions for Online MBA Admission?

    Some Online MBA programs may consider accepting transfer credits from accredited institutions. However, transfer credit policies can differ between universities, so it’s essential to verify the details with the program you are interested in.


    Q4. Can I secure a job in MNC after taking Admission in Online MBA?

    Yes, securing a job in a multinational corporation (MNC) after completing an Online MBA is possible. Success depends on your skills, networking, and how well your online degree meets industry standards and expectations.


    Q5. What online certificates will I receive upon completing the MBA course?

    The process to obtain a degree online typically includes receiving a Marksheet, Provisional Degree, Migration Certificate, and finally, the Original Degree certificate.


    Q6. What documents are necessary for applying to the MBA Course?

    • 10th class marksheet and certificate, 
    • 12th class marksheet and certificate.
    • Aadhar Card
    • Graduation Documents
    • Breaking study proof
    • proof of address.
    • a passport size photograph.


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    Information CentrE outside India

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